Anna von Rueden Q&A

We got the chance to do a Q&A with our
beautiful friend Anna von Rueden! Get an insight on
her life as a model, mother and grandmother.

Photos of Anna | Photography: Steven Kohlstock

Swimwear season is finally here: what kind of feelings does this evoke in you? First things that come to mind are: the sea, sun, a lovely breeze.

What’s your relationship to your appearance? Now that I’m 66, my body and soul are one.

How do you gather confidence, what makes you confident? Feeling one with my family and giving love and support to my children and grandchildren.

Is there a woman who has made a difference on your path? All active and confident women.

What piece of advice would you like to give your sisters / female friends? You are never too old for things you love. Have ideas, have an opinion , don’t loose your feeling.

You are a mother, grandmother, a model - how do you achieve a certain balance in your life? It’s not difficult for me to find a balance between my family life and the modelling world, it’s always me.

What does physical difference mean to you?Being over 60, my style is different from that of younger girls, I like to cover my belly, but also wear a pretty swimsuit. Beyond that I’d like to say that wrinkles are not an illness - they are part of my achievements.

What makes you laugh? I often laugh about myself!

How do you feel beautiful? When inside and outside are relaxed.

What’s your favourite indulgence? To spend time with my friends!


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